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Anonymous asked:

I wish I could just hug you. Show you that I still care in my own fucked up way, even with the important events in my life that should leave no room for that kind of hope. I find no consolation to what I did, and what I didn't. Maybe one day, you can find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me. But for now, in this part of your life, learn to love and relish a handful of people that will come and go in your life. Just love away, and always remember you are beautiful. Will you do that, Wendy?

I forgive a lot of terrible things but I never forget. The people I am blessed to have in my life are the people who are meant to be there. Obviously you aren’t, so, I hope you move on and find happiness in your present and future because whoever you are, happiness wasn’t in whatever your past was with me.

But thank you for the kind wishes and friendly reminder. I will always do so.

I could only think of two people who would say something like this. So if you don’t want me to get an anxiety attack, please tell me who you are lol

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